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More Thoughts on Massage and Touch

More ways to think about and conceive of massage and touch:

Massage is the concern of one individual for another, expressed by touching, with the intent to help and heal.

Massage is an assisted act of self-awareness.

Massage is an interplay of energy between two bodies.

Massage is one of the oldest healing arts, at least 5,000 years old.

Regular massage, or even one massage, by increasing serotonin levels, can be part of an effective anti-depressive treatment plan.

Touch is a kind of nourishment.  Adults, not only babies, can suffer an inability to thrive when isolated and not ever touched. Singles or people living alone need touch.

Touch is a gift.

Outside of a sexual relationship, adults in our culture rarely give touch to one another.

Touch is the first sensory system to develop, in utero.

Touch continues to function into old age, even as sight and hearing fail.

Touch is essential.

Sangduen Chailert comforts, by touch, an 800-pound "toddler" elephant.

Elephant Nature Park, Thailand

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