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Thank you to my kind and loyal clients for sharing your comments!  Judy


Before my massage with Judy, I had been feeling distracted and scatterbrained for many days from built-up stress.  Receiving a massage from her was the best thing I could have done!  She was warm and welcoming from the start, and really took the time to find out about my health.  The entire massage was fantastic and truly felt customized to my body's needs.  I left feeling much more centered and focused, as well as much more relaxed.  I highly recommend Judy!  Kelly W., Doctor of Chiropractic


Massages with Judy are like snowflakes: no two are the same.  She meets you where you are at in the moment.  And like a snowflake, you will float and you will melt while time seems to stand still.  Judy's touch is pure bliss.  Lisa B.


I have always stated that I am not a massage enthusiast, however, last year Judy gave me my first massage to help me with discomfort stemming from a chronic illness.  I was impressed with her professionalism and her patience.  Her skill and her ability to work with me on my individualized problems has made me a convert to the benefits of massage.  Since then I have continued massage therapy with her on a routine basis  Dee S.

Coming here is like finding a road map to my body!  Walter W.


Thank you Judy for the amazingly deep work yesterday.  The majority of my pain is gone!  I greatly appreciate your expertise and willingness to go deep.  : )  You go the extra mile!  Amiel


Very professional, great experience.  She was able to understand my particular situation and was very knowledgeable with working towards a solution.  The environment was relaxing and I enjoyed the music.  Jeremy W.


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